A Message from our President/CEO


Open Letter to Business Owners

This letter isn’t for everyone. If you like to make money and feel good about your work, you should continue reading. That’s what I do. I help business owners make money. However, I don’t always feel good about my work in the Mississippi Delta. Why? Because I know I could do so much more for you. At the end of this letter, I’m making an exclusive offer to help one business in each business category.

One of the things local radio stations do is to stimulate the economy in the communities we serve. In many cases, the signal of the local radio station defines the “trade area” for many local businesses. People that listen to our radio stations in nearby cities hear your ad and are motivated to visit and spend money with your business. However, in my 28 years of doing business in the Delta, I’ve found that most business owners don’t understand the power of radio and how it can help their business. Most business owners are complacent, even though their business may not be highly successful. They don’t want to learn anything new and they certainly don’t want anybody telling them what to do.

Radio stations in small towns do an excellent job helping locally-owned business grow and prosper. In my role as a broadcast consultant and as a former member of the board of directors of the National Association of Broadcasters, I have visited hundreds of radio stations in small towns nationwide. In almost all cases, I observed car dealers luring customers with powerful radio ads, restaurants aggressively promoting themselves, plus banks, clothing stores, plumbers and even the local dry cleaners utilizing radio to bring customers to their businesses. Yet, businesses in the Delta seem to resist the concept of generating more business. Those who do advertise seem to opt for low-cost options and cling to misconceptions about how advertising works. Or, worse yet, they use ad agencies run by unqualified people who themselves don’t know how to properly advertise.

I see and hear ads on other local radio stations, on TV, on billboards, and in the newspaper that are just plain awful. Most lack the key ingredients for success. In short, these businesses are spending money on advertising, but not doing the things necessary to make their advertising pay off. They’re wasting money.

I prefer to make money and I do it by helping people like you get the most out of their advertising dollars. In my 48 years in broadcasting, I have designed thousands of effective ad campaigns, several of which have won national awards. Commercials I wrote and produced have aired on radio stations from Vancouver, British Columbia to Buffalo, New York, to Martin, Tennessee, and all points in between. I’ve also written and produced TV ads, plus designed newspaper ads, magazine ads, and billboards. I’m not bragging, but I know a thing or two about advertising. I know bad advertising when I see or hear it and I know what works.

I recently started a new company called Purple Giraffe Marketing. My goal is to help any interested business in the Delta become more successful. I’m looking for one business in each business category that wants to excel and be the leader of the pack. If that’s you, we should talk. The initial consultation is free. However, if you are happy with the status quo, you may find me helping your competition instead.

They say opportunity only knocks once. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be more successful, this is that opportunity. Call me at 662-394-8865 ext 700 to schedule an appointment.

Best regards,

Larry Fuss
662-394-8865 ext 700
[email protected]

P.S. Did I mention the initial consultation is free? Free! No charge! If you care about the success of your business, why would you pass that up?

P.P.S. You can continue relying on your third-cousin’s daughter to handle your advertising and marketing, or you can take advantage of my 48-years experience. Did I mention the part about it being free?