Alicia Silverstone spoofs ‘Clueless’, the ‘Breaking Bad’ boys return and more celebs star in 2023 Super Bowl ads


Super Bowl commercials are usually star-packed affairs, and this year’s big game will be no different. Considering a 30-second ad this year costs companies $6.5 million, they’re pulling out all the stops to get consumers’ attention. And to save a bit of money, some brands are already previewing their spots online. 

Bud Light nabbed Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller and his wife, Keleighfor a commercial that shows the actor trying to make the most of cheesy “hold” music, with the actor showing off some dance moves to the canned beat while he pops open a can.

Alicia Silverstone reprises her Clueless character, Cher, complete with her unmistakable yellow plaid skirt and jacket combo, for a spot promoting online shopping destination Rakuten. Her co-star Elisa Donovan‘s Amber also returns as the pair step back behind the classroom debate podium to discuss responsible shopping.

Jon Hamm and Brie Larson can literally be found in a fridge, poking fun at their food-synonymous surnames for Hellman’s, with Pete Davidson later chowing down on a ham and brie sandwich. “He really is everywhere,” Hamm says of the SNL vet, who vows, “I’m gonna eat you guys.” 

Succession Emmy winner Brian Cox, tennis legend Serena Williams and NFL quarterback Tony Romo spoof Caddyshack in a golf-themed Michelob Ultra commercial that’s already airing in preview form on TV. 

And speaking of Emmy winners, Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their respective Breaking Bad characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in a spoof of the show promoting the chip PopCorners. “You’re an artist!” Jesse proclaims after tasting them. “Actually, Jesse, it’s just basic ingredients,” Cranston replies, sending up his character’s description of making crystal meth as “basic chemistry.” 

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