Lydia Tár, totally fictitious composer and inspiration for ‘Tár’, “dead” at 54


If you haven’t seen the Academy Award film Tár — or even if you have — you might have been convinced Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett was portraying Lydia Tár, a real-life legendarily headstrong composer.

The thing is, Tár wasn’t a real person.

But either way, Lydia Tár is no more, according to a fake but popular Twitter account that was created in her name.

LydiaTarReal, which describes the character as an “EGOT winner, Chief Conductor of Berliner Philharmoniker, and U-Haul Lesbian,” amassed more than 26,000 followers on the social media service, despite the fact that she’s not actually real, during the movie’s road to the Oscars.

However, not only did the movie not win any of the six Oscars for which it was nominated, according to her posts on the account, Lydia took a “light tumble” down the stairs at the awards show — complete with a terribly Photoshopped picture of the incident.

Sadly, the account informed followers on Monday that this completely fictitious person succumbed to her injuries. “It is with a heavy heart that we share that Lydia Tár, world-renowned conductor and composer, died last night after falling down the steps of the Dolby Theater,” a memoriam tweet explained.

Many of the followers were in on the joke and went along with it. For example, Saturday Night Live’s Aristotle Athari offered, “I was there, I gave her cpr. I’m not good at cpr.”

That said, others clearly did not.

One opined, “Wasn’t there just some movie about her? And just days after Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell also fell down some stairs? This is surreal. This is a loss to those who knew and admired her.”

Another expressed, “…why are so many making fun of her death?”

Bravo, pranksters.

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