Michael Keaton addresses, sort of, the shelving of ‘Batgirl’ and when he’ll next be seen as Batman


Backstage at Monday night’s Emmy Awards, newly minted Dopesick winner Michael Keaton was asked about the unexpected shelving of Batgirl.

Keaton, who starred in two movies as Batman/Bruce Wayne for director Tim Burton, reprised the role in Batgirl, which starred Leslie Grace as the titular heroine/Barbara Gordon. JK Simmons, Brendan Fraser and Ivory Aquino also starred in the film.

When asked about Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision to shelve the project, Keaton managed, “Ah, it was kind of a business decision. I don’t really follow [that stuff] that much. I assume it was a good one.”

He also seemed to describe working on Batgirl as “great fun.”

Officially, Keaton will appear along with another Batman, Ben Affleck in the forthcoming Flash film, which is reportedly still on track for a 2023 release despite myriad controversies involving its star, Ezra Miller. Perhaps that’s why Keaton demurred, cracking a joke instead about when he’ll be seen next in the cape and cowl.

“A little later tonight, probably, if you’re lucky enough,” Keaton joked, before adding, “No kidding. I don’t know….We’ll see,” and finishing with, “I really have no idea.”

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