Robert Downey Jr.s win was just one Oscar night “highlight” for Iron Man co-star Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow‘s memory of her time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be better, but at least she recalled starring with Robert Downey Jr. in 2008’s Iron Man.

An Oscar winner herself, Gwyneth sat out this year’s ceremony and instead watched the show from her laptop as she was apparently getting highlights, according to an Instagram Story.

In her video, Marvel’s Pepper Pots was revealed to be at the Highbrow Hippie salon where she cheered as Ke Huy Quan announced RDJ as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor trophy for Oppenheimer.

Paltrow then spun her laptop around to reveal her hair was full of plastic and highlight foil on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Text was added over her video, “Robert Downey Jr. takes it!”

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