Slay queen: M3GAN, the killer doll from the movie, gets modeling gig


Talk about fashion promoting an unrealistic body image: M3GAN, the killer android from the movie of the same name, is now modeling for Marc Jacobs.

Images of the doll, dressed up in Jacobs’ Heaven line, popped up on Instagram Tuesday. The photos were snapped by famed fashion shooter Harley Weir.

The doll is shown wearing a hoodie in one red-tinted snap; another shows her dressed in chunky knee-high boots, baring her silicone legs — quite a different look than the pleated skirt and black buckle shoes she wore in the hit horror-thriller.

If “likes” are any indication, she slayed … again. The post gained more than 45,000 likes in a matter of hours.

She may be artificial — insert plastic surgery modeling joke here — but she’s in good company. Previous stars who have modeled for Heaven by Marc Jacobs include Pamela Anderson, Doja Cat and Kyle MacLachlan.

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