Carly Pearce Gets Some Things Off Her Chest With ’29: Written In Stone’

Carly Pearce's new album, 29: Written In Stone, is released today (Friday, September 17th). The project is an expansion of her 29 EP which was released in February. 

Carly has added eight new songs to the original seven, including one called "Dear Miss Loretta" featuring Patty Loveless and another collaboration with Ashley McBryde which was released earlier this week called "Never Wanted To Be That Girl."

Carly tells us that when she began writing these additional songs she had no intention of adding them to 29. In fact, she says she didn't have any specific intention other than to get a few things from the past year out of her system. [“I think that I knew I had to get some things off my chest, and never thought that people would connect with it as they did.  But as they were connecting and as my career was kind of taking off, I felt so inspired to keep going, and I think they finish out this chapter of my life. I think they finish out what the year 29 was for me. It was a really defining year for not only myself personally, but also for my music. And I think that seeing the reaction of the first seven, I felt so inspired in the midst of that to keep going and to keep writing until I felt like it was finished, and now I feel like I can close that chapter.”] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . close that chapter.)

Carly is on the What A Song Can Do Tour with headliner Lady A. performing tonight night in Irvine, CA. 

Carly Pearce On Closing Chapter With ‘Written In Stone’ :