Gene Simmons is not ready to spill details on the KISS avatars


KISS surprised fans during their final show at Madison Square Garden in December when they revealed they were working on an avatar show, which they later announced would be coming in 2027. 

While fans still have lots of questions about what to expect from the show, KISS’ Gene Simmons isn’t willing to spill any details. 

“Part of the fun of Christmas is when you open your present, you’re shocked and surprised and hopefully delighted,” he shared on Artists On Record starring ADIKA LIVE. “So why would I tell you in February what you’re gonna get for Christmas?”

Still, Simmons is confident fans will be impressed.

“There’s so much hard work being done behind the scenes, and what I’ve seen will blow your mind,” he added. “So in a very real way, our end is really like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. The end is the beginning.”

Simmons is getting ready to take the stage for his first post-KISS shows with the Gene Simmons Band. They’ll play Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 26 and then kick off a European tour in Finland on July 27. A complete list of dates can be found at

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