Paul McCartney shares unheard Jeff Beck music used in vegetarianism campaign


Paul McCartney has shared some never-before-heard music by the late guitarist Jeff Beck, who died earlier this month. The music was part of a pro-vegetarian campaign the pair worked on back in 1994. 

“With the sad passing of Jeff Beck – a good friend of mine, and a great, great guitar player – it reminded me of the time we worked together many years ago on a campaign for vegetarianism,” McCartney shares. “It’s great guitar playing, cause it’s Jeff!”

Beck’s message was previously used in a 13-part radio series called Oobu Joobu, which gave fans a glimpse of Paul’s world, including his vegetarianism campaigns. In the clip, Beck can be heard questioning why the rainforest is being cut down for cattle grazing, warning that since tropical plants are used for medicines and pharmaceutical needs, we could be risking missing out on a “possible discovery of a miracle cure just for a dollar fifth hamburger.”

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