Roger Waters defends David Gilmour’s solos after alleged “grubby” misquote


Roger Waters and David Gilmour are currently feuding, but Waters took to social media to declare that he has nothing but admiration for his former bandmate’s ability to play guitar.

Waters took issue with a piece that journalist Stuart Maconie wrote for the British publication New Statesman. In it, he referred to an article in the Spanish paper El Pais that quoted Waters as saying he was planning to remove Gilmour’s “horrible guitar solos” from his new version of The Dark Side of the Moon.

In a Twitter posting, Waters said he had to “set the record straight” about something in Maconie’s story. Referring to the “horrible guitar solos” quote, Waters wrote, “I don’t know who he thinks he’s quoting when he says Gilmour’s ‘horrible guitar solos’ but it sure as s**t ain’t me.”

He continued, “I was there, I love Dave’s guitar solos on DSOTM, both of them, and on [Wish You Were Here] and on ANIMALS and on THE WALL and on THE FINAL CUT…Dave’s solos on those albums constitute a collection of some of the very best guitar solos in the history of Rock and Roll.”

He then addressed Maconie, writing, “Please check your copy with the subjects of your grubby little piece, before you go to print.” The current version of Maconie’s article now notes that the El Pais quote has been removed.

Of course, there still hasn’t been any resolution between Waters and Gilmour regarding their most recent war of words. Earlier this month, Gilmour’s partner, Polly Samsontweeted a slew of insults at Waters, to which Gilmour added, “Every word demonstrably true.”

Waters threatened legal action and, then speaking to The Telegraph , claimed Gilmour and late Pink Floyd member Rick Wright “can’t write songs…They have no ideas, not a single one between them.”

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