Yusuf/Cat Stevens shares a message for King Charles with new song “King of a Land”


King Charles III’s coronation is happening May 6, and Yusuf/Cat Stevens is sending a message to the monarch with the just-released new tune “King of a Land.” It’s the title track of Yusuf/Stevens’ new album, which drops June 16. 

“One of the privileges of being an artist is to express what seems unimaginable, and then hang it up there for people to ponder; we can say things that others can’t,” the singer shares. “Sure, I know full well music can’t necessarily solve the world’s problems, but it can help to direct the narrative. There are a few aspirations in my song, ‘King of a Land,’ that I hope resonate with His Majesty.”

Along with the song, Yusuf/Stevens has shared his manifesto for what he believes makes a good king, including:

Even if you are a King, you are still a servant of God.
Remove hatred through education and spread peace.
Feed the hungry.
We are all humans that make mistakes, so be forgiving.
Help the sick and homeless.
Beware of negative people in your circle.
Everyone has a part to play, teach them to work together.
Be just and don’t show favoritism.
Listen to constructive criticism.
Be a guardian to all faiths, and the precious Earth we all share.

Yusuf/Stevens notes, “The major message of the song – and this applies to all those in positions of leadership – is, don’t forget that there’s One above you, and be careful to look out for those who are below you.”

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