Alan Jackson Fan Wants Her Ashes Spread On His Property


The daughter of a massive Alan Jackson fan is hoping the singer will allow her to sprinkle her late mother's ashes on his Nashville area property as her final resting place. Sue Castle actually flew into Music City earlier this week from her home in Maine to make her mom, Mary Anne Gallant's, last wishes happen. Castle told that her strategy included dropping them from a helicopter, tossing them over a fence, “throw them out the window as I‘m driving by” or, preferably, get Jackson's approval to spread them in a specific spot.

Gallant was reportedly once brought up on stage during one of Jackson's 2015 concerts because her huge back tattoo of his face caught his attention. He even danced with her during "Remember When," giving Gallant what she later said was the happiest night of her life.

Gallant died in 2021. According to her daughter, she attend two dozen of Jackson's concerts.