Bits And Pieces: Chris Lane & Priscilla Block

Chris Lane and his wife, Lauren, recently celebrated their one-year anniversary with an inside look at their newlywed life. The clip chronicles their journey since tying the knot, including hitting the road on Chris' Big, Big Plans Tour, buying a home, adopting two rescue dogs (Cooper & Chloe) and more.

Newcomer Priscilla Block has released a fun new video for body-positivity anthem “Thick Thighs.” The clip is Priscilla’s light-hearted response to the haters and anyone who has advised that in order to “make it” in music, she would have to change her body. She said, “I hope that this video makes you know that you are MORE than enough. I spent so many years of my life, nitpicking every part of my body. I’m the girl that has tried and failed every single diet out there… ESPECIALLY THROUGH QUARANTINE!! One thing I know is that life is short. Eat the damn fries… wear the bikini… and twerk in the kiddie pools!”