Bits And Pieces: Runaway June & George Strait

The remaining members of Runaway June revealed that Hannah Mulholland's recent departure was due, in part, to the coronavirus. Naomi Cooke told Taste of Country Nights, "The pandemic happened, and the world started changing. As a lot of people have done, Hannah started to reevaluate what was important to her. And that was being with her family and her husband in California . . . Jen (Wayne) and I have nothing but love for Hannah. We support that, and we want her to be happy. So there's no drama here."

George Strait recently underwent successful knee replacement surgery. He told Billboard, "I had a knee replaced right before the quarantine. I had been planning that for a while. It went very well, but I had to rehab on my own due to the obvious conditions. I'm ready to go again now though. All good."