Brantley Gilbert Releases New Song To Offer ‘Healing’ And ‘Hope’

Brantley Gilbert has released a new single called “Hard Days,” a song he co-wrote for those "in need of a little bit of healing and in need of a little bit of hope." The song will be included on his next project.

Brantley said, “‘Hard Days’ is about finding and acknowledging hope in the midst of turmoil and taking the good with the bad. I look back on some of the harder times in my life and think about where things are now, and I’m thankful for the bad that led to the good . . ."

The song's lyrics include:
If you never had hard days
If you never had a heart break
Never had more than you can take
Or carried the weight
Of life on your shoulders
Would you feel like you earned it
Would you live with a purpose
Or ever known your own strength
If you never had hard days