Brett Eldredge Takes On Billie Eilish Hit

Brett Eldredge has released his take on Billie Eilish's hit song “When The Party’s Over." The audio was recorded live in Glasgow at the Old Fruitmarket Concert Hall where Brett and his band performed it for the very first time. He performed the song throughout his European tour, ultimately shooting the video at London’s O2 arena.

Brett said, “I heard this song a year or two ago and I just love how unique of an artist she is and the complex nature of the songs she writes. I love how emotional and intense they are and could tell she had to grow up fast and really puts her life out there in her music. I think that’s a powerful thing to be that young and to have found your voice, and it speaks to people of all ages. For whatever reason, when people hear my cover of this song, I think they’d say to themselves ‘I didn’t see that coming at all’ but that’s exactly what I wanted because when I heard it I thought ‘Man, I could do something special with this.’ I’m so grateful for the song that she’s written here and grateful to be able to sing it.”

Brett released his latest album, Sunday Drive, in July. It features his latest single, "Gabrielle."