Brett Eldredge Wanted To ‘Shake Things Up’ With New Album

Brett Eldredge is, as he says, "shaking things up" with the music on his brand new album, Sunday Drive. This is his fifth studio album, and Brett co-wrote all but one of the 12 songs on the project. He recorded it near his hometown in Chicago, and for the first time he worked with Grammy-winning producers Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk, who also penned many of the songs on Sunday Drive.

Brett tells us this change alone made a huge difference. ["I was at this moment in my life where I wanted to shake things up a lot and really push myself creatively to create something next level for myself and deeper musically as well as personally, and I knew I had to push outside my comfort zone to do that and so I needed to try some different people out, and I realized as we were recording these demos I actually heard myself, I think, as an artist for the first time."] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . the first time.)

Sunday Drive features Brett's current single, "Gabrielle."

He performed another track off the album called “Good Day” yesterday (Monday, July 13th) on ABC's Good Morning America.

Brett Eldredge On Shaking Things Up With New Album :