Carly Pearce Is Hoping For A Future With The Opry

Carly Pearce recently performed on the Grand Ole Opry as part of their 95th birthday celebration. She has now played there more than 75 times and says she feels that of her generation, other artist don't “put in the work” for the Opry like she does. Carly tells us more: “I always associated playing the Grand Ole Opry with ‘making it.’ And when I played on my debut I was an Air B and B cleaner, so I had not made it, but I felt like in that moment, that the Opry took a chance on me. I didn’t have a song on the radio but they just believed in what I was doing. And to be able to really say … like, I know people play the Opry and stuff, but I don’t feel like there’s another artist in my generation that’s really put in the work the way that I have with the Opry. And I do feel like they kind of were one of the very first champions for me. And I meant it the day that I stepped on that stage, like I want to be a face of the Opry. I want to be one of those people, in the way that I feel like Carrie Underwood really took it on at the height of her career and put into it what it deserves, and I want to carry on that legacy. I think performing 75 times in five years, hopefully they know that by now.”

Carly Pearce On Future With The Opry :