Carly Pearce Knocked Out Front Teeth In Halloween Fall

Carly Pearce looked great at Wednesday (Nov. 11th) night's CMA Awards, which she says is surprising considering the nasty fall she suffered just a couple weeks ago on Halloween which knocked out her two front teeth! She told E! News that for a while she looked unrecognizable saying, "It looked really bad. It was scary. I was just really fortunate to get doctors that helped and knew the pressure I was under, but with every day, I was like, 'Please Lord, let my face heal so I can do this' because this is such a huge moment."

Carly added, "I had a bunch of stitches in my mouth, looked completely different than what I looked like right now, and it was kind of scary because I knew I was going into the biggest week of my life."

Carly and Lady A's Charles Kelley performed her chart-topping hit, "I Hope You're Happy Now," which won for CMA Musical Event of the Year. She recorded the song with Lee Brice and was scheduled to perform it with him on the show however Lee tested positive for COVID and had to bow out. Charles also wound up pulling out of the show due to COVID exposure, along with his Lady A band mates, but he and Carly had already pre-taped their performance.