Carly Pearce Offers Congrats To High School Seniors

This would normally be a very exciting time for high school seniors preparing to graduate and enjoy all the festivities that go along with that, but this year's global pandemic has pretty much taken all that fun away. Fear not, Carly Pearce tells those graduates, as there's so much to look forward to.

Carly said: ["I know that high school isn’t easy and getting here is a huge deal, so congratulations. I also know that this is probably the last way that you thought you would be graduating, and I know it’s gotta be difficult but I am here to tell you that it won’t last forever. You’re going to have so many amazing memories to look forward to in the next four years as you figure out what you’re gonna be doing and going to college and meeting new people. Know that it is a large world with lots more memories coming."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . more memories coming.)

Carly has her own reason to celebrate these days as her latest single, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” is in the Top Five and climbing.

Carly Pearce On Message To 2020 High School Graduates :