Carly Pearce Recognizes Sacrifice That Our Military, Their Families Make

As someone who has relatives who are active in the military, Carly Pearce realizes that when you volunteer to serve our country, it’s a decision that affects the entire family. As this Memorial Day weekend draws closer, Carly tells us she's very grateful for these brave men and women, as well as their families. “I feel like families who have someone or a loved one in the military it is a whole family sacrifice. You have to think about life with this person in a different city, in a different state, in a different country. You don’t know when you’re gonna be able to speak to them. They may be gone for a long periods of time, they may be gone suddenly. It takes a toll on a family and I think there has to be strength throughout the family, and it’s just a really amazing thing that people are strong enough to handle those things and want to make that sacrifice all around for our country.”

Carly sits inside the Top 10 and climbing on the country charts with “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” featuring Lee Brice.

Carly Pearce On Military Memorial Day :