Carly Pearce Says Playing Stadiums With Kenny Chesney Is A ‘Good Challenge’


Carly Pearce has a few weekends of the Kenny Chesney Here and Now Stadium Tour under her belt and what a change it has been for her. Carly tells us the dates on her 29 Tour earlier this year is a far cry from the venues she's playing now. [“I’m like out there in my little 1500-seat theaters, just singin’ my little songs, tellin’ my stories, wearin’ my big dresses.  And this is like thousands and thousands of people, a cat walk that makes me almost die of a heart attack when I get to the end of it. And now, I totally get the No Shoes Nation. I get why he is the mega-touring act that he is. It is a good challenge for me to kind of command such a massive situation. I can’t even call it a room, it’s like a situation..”] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . like a situation.)

The Here And Now Tour rolls on to Orange Beach, AL tomorrow (Thursday, May 19th) night.