Carrie Underwood Heads To Target To Buy New Christmas Album

Carrie Underwood made her traditional trek to a local retailer to purchase a physical copy of her new album over the weekend. She released her first Christmas project, My Gift, on Friday (Sept. 25th), and on Saturday (Sept. 26th), she shared a picture of herself inside a Target store wearing a mask and holding a copy of the CD writing, "As per tradition, had to go buy the CD at the store! As not per tradition, I had to wear a mask! I promise I’m smiling, though!"

My Gift features 11 holiday tunes, something to put everyone in a festive mood, as Carrie tells us: [“I think fans can expect this album to just put them in the mood for Christmas. We go traditional. We go new. We sing songs about love. We sing songs about Jesus. We sing happy songs about Christmas. Hopefully, it just takes them on a journey and makes them feel a certain way, makes it feel like Christmas.”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . feel like Christmas.)

Carrie will shoot a Christmas special set to air on HBO Max closer to the holidays.

Carrie Underwood On What Fans Can Expect From Christmas Album :