Carrie Underwood Turned July 4th Into An Opportunity To Entertain

Carrie Underwood showed glimpses of becoming the superstar she is when she was only a kid. She tells us she used this weekend's holiday as the perfect opportunity to entertain her parents. “I think my favorite Fourth of July memory would be going to the fireworks stand and picking out which fireworks I wanted to do. I must’ve been like 7 or 8, and I came home and made a list of what order I wanted to do them in, because I wanted to put a show on for Mom and Dad, and of course I couldn’t wait until it was dark outside (laughs). So, I made my Mom and Dad get the lawn chairs and come out to the backyard and watch some not very dramatic fireworks at like six o’clock in the evening, but I was so proud of myself, and I was so proud of the show that I put on. So, I feel like that was a little training for what I do now – putting on shows, figuring out how it’s all going to work out.”

Carrie has spent part of her COVID quarantine getting acquainted with Tik Tok, where she's shown off some dance moves and taken part in a fitness challenge.

Carrie Underwood On Favorite July 4th Memory :