Chris Janson Is Having The Commercial Success He Dreamed Of

Chris Janson is climbing the charts with what he hopes will be his career fourth Number One hit with “Done.” He reached the goal that he and his wife and manager, Kelly, had set of charting three Number Ones with “Good Vibes,” and now Chris tells us he hopes to continue this streak of commercial success, the only thing that really matters to him. “I just remember sitting with Kelly years ago. We were like, 'Man, if we could just get three Number Ones. We'd really turn the corner,' so now we're here and we're stringing them together and I feel like the stronger you get like that the better odds you have so I'm hoping 'Done' will do that for us, and I've said it from the beginning — all I ever wanted to be was on the radio, so I'm getting to do that and I'm getting to do it in a big way and commercial success is the only thing I ever wanted ever. I really don't care about the other parts of it as much.”

“Done” is the second single from Chris's 2019 Real Friends album. He wrote it about his wife.

Chris Janson On Commercial Success Being Most Important Part Of Career :