Chris Janson Recalls His Long List Of Odd Jobs

Chris Janson worked a slew of odd jobs before landing his current dream job of performing artist. He says he's been working since the age of nine, and while he's tried his hand at a lot of different things, he found some joy in all of them. Heading into this Labor Day weekend, Chris tells us: ["Bailing hay, I don't like that. Mowing the lawn, so-so. I mean, when I had to do it, it sucked. Now that I don't have to do it I kind of want to do it. I kind of enjoyed making sno-cones. I had a sno-cone business for a second. I mean, that wasn't that bad. I don't guess I've ever really done anything that I hated or didn't really like. I've always kind of found peace and joy in whatever."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . joy in whatever.)

Chris will release his new single called "Waitin' On 5," which speaks to the blue collar workers everywhere. It's the third single from 2019 Real Friends album.

Chris Janson On Odd Jobs :