Chris Janson Vows To Include Family In All His Videos

The video for Chris Janson's latest hit single, "Done," is a family affair, particularly centered around the leading lady in his life, his wife, Kelly. Chris tells us that putting his family on camera whenever possible was a decision he made a long time, and it made perfect sense in this case because he wrote "Done" about Kelly. ["I also said one time that I wouldn't do videos without my family if I was gonna be really involved in them and I'm sticking true to that. I can't imagine doing them without . . . I mean, 'Done' is about Kelly. You gotta have the video with Kelly. It's funny, I always say, 'Oh, it was the easiest video shoot I ever did,' but 'Done' was really the easiest one that I've ever done, no pun intended, because it was just really low-key."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . just really low-key.)

"Done" sits in the Top Five and climbing at country radio.

It's the second single from his 2019 album, Real Friends.

Chris Janson On ‘Done’ Video :