Chris Young And Tik Tok Star Surprise Musicians With Huge Tip

Chris Young recently joined Tik Tok user Lexy Burke (aka @lexylately), who has 1.6 million followers thanks to her mission of kindness in surprising deserving people with very large tips. She asks for people's "spare change" and then gifts it to those in the service industry. This time around, she and Chris dropped $2000 in the tip jar of two musicians playing in downtown Nashville.

In the video, Chris said, "I've been blessed so much in my career. We're going to go find somebody playing some music and bless them today."

After Chris matched Lexy's $1000 tip, the stunned singers thanked them both while Chris took the stage to perform his latest chart-topper, "Famous Friends."

Afterward, he told the crowd, “Y'all stick around and listen to these guys play some country music. This is what it's all about being here in Nashville.”