Chris Young Is ‘Aware’ It’s Been A Long Time Between Albums

Chris Young is already on the third single from his upcoming studio album and he has yet to set an official release date for the project, called Raised On Country. He announced news of the project over the year ago and fans are still waiting.

Chris assures us he will be releasing Raised On Country at some point, and he's shooting for this year. ["I've got 15 songs right now that are mastered and completely done and ready to go for the album, so hopefully before the end of the year I'll have that in everybody's hands just because I do realize how long it's been. Everybody like reaches out to me on socials. They're like, 'Hey, do you know it's been this long since you've release an album?' I'm like, 'Yes, trust me, I'm fully aware,' but it something that's on my priority list especially after being able to release a song like this."] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . song like this.)

The song Chris is referring to is his brand new single, "If That Ain't God." His other two singles from Raised On Country are the Top Five title track as well as "Drowning."

Chris Young On Potential Released Of Raised On Country Album :