Chris Young Passing Quarantine Time By Cooking, Gaming, Watching TV

Chris Young has been passing the time during quarantine with a variety of activities, some of which are productive and others not so much. He tells us: ["I’ve been learning to cook different things that I’ve never cooked before. I’ve played a whole lot of ‘Call Of Duty’ while I’ve been at home (laughs) Probably too much in a couple cases. There’s been a couple days where I’m like ‘Ok, put the controller down and walk away. Go do something else.’ You know what, I’ve gone back and restarted some shows. I went back and started Dexter from the very beginning because it had been awhile since I watched that. My nerdy side came out and I watched a lot of Supernatural during this, so there’s been some TV stuff as well."] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . stuff as well.)

Chris' new single is called "If That Ain't God." It's the third single from his upcoming album, Raised On Country, which he says he plans to release sometime this year.

Chris Young On Quarantine Activities :