Cole Swindell Releases Video Shot During Quarantine

Cole Swindell has released the video for this new single, "Single Saturday Night." The clip was shot in Nashville during the current quarantine, and as Cole tells us, it was an unforgettable experience. ["It's just me and the band guys. We got us all together, not in one place, but we all went by at separate times. It looked like a schedule all day long. We were in front of a green screen and it was awkward filming it. We wanted to have fun with it. That was our whole thing. We didn't want to shoot a little video of me in a bar seeing a girl. We wanted to just have fun, and that's what this video is. As different as it was, I'll never forget it, I know that. I'll probably never shoot another video like it, so . . . "] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . like it, so . . . )

"Single Saturday Night" is the lead single off Cole's upcoming album.

His headlining Down To Earth Tour is set to resume in October in Macon, GA.

Cole Swindell On Shooting ‘Single Saturday Night’ Video :