Could an album about “dadding” be in Thomas Rhett’s future? It “sounds really fun,” he says


Sure, Thomas Rhett’s written plenty of songs about family life and parenting — “Life Changes” and “To the Guys That Date My Girls,” for two — but he’s never written a whole project specifically devoted to the ups and downs of raising young kids.

That might change in the future, according to a new interview the dad of four gave to his record label recently. He says he’s tossed around the idea of a project called Dadding, with titles like “Eat Your Breakfast,” “Where’d You Learn That Word,” “Please Don’t Draw on the Walls” and more.

“I feel like that’d be super fun, you know, just to write from a super self-deprecating point of view of how challenging it is to just parent,” Thomas says. “That’s something that would be intriguing to me, and it also sounds really fun, ‘cause I feel like there’s a lot of people out there that would really enjoy listening to a piece of music like that.”

That hunch got confirmed last year, when the singer shared his album idea on social media and asked for fans to send him title suggestions. In response, he got “five or 6000” comments with hilarious suggestions.

Self-deprecating humor has been something TR’s been enjoying quite a lot in recent months. He used it to promote his latest album, Where We Started, posting a clip of himself and a friend spoofing The Office with dry humor and unorthodox promotion tactics.

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