Darius Rucker Is Bringing ‘Beers And Sunshine’ To The Pandemic

Darius Rucker's latest single, "Beers And Sunshine," is his attempt to lighten up the mood during the current global pandemic. He tells us that while others are creating more somber music these days, Darius and his co-writers wanted to do just the opposite during a Zoom writing session. ["We'd probably been locked down for a couple months and everybody was stir crazy and we were talking about just how everybody wanted to just get out and do something, and we knew there was gonna be a whole bunch of songs — a bunch of ballads and a bunch of really serious songs about what's going on, but just the way we are and the way I am, I guess, we wanted to write something that was fun and upbeat and when we got that line, 'the only B.S. I need is beers and sunshine,' I knew we had our song."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . had our song.)

"Beers And Sunshine" sits in the Top 30 and climbing on the country charts.

The song is the first single from Darius' upcoming studio album.

Darius Rucker On Writing ‘Beers And Sunshine’ :