Dustin Lynch Loves The ‘Challenge’ Of Climbing The Charts

Four albums into his career, Dustin Lynch says he's in a really good place, musically. He's found his niche in the world of Country music, and he tells us EXCLUSIVELY that if fans like what they hear now, there's plenty more where that came from. ["Over the years I've discovered what I like singing on stage and what I feel like is believable and fun to do so I'm just gonna keep doing more off that. I'm more comfortable with what I think I'm supposed to be making but there's never a guarantee. I think that's what keeps this business fun is you're only as good as your next song so there's always that fun challenge of starting out on the chart and trying to make it to the top."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . to the top.)

To the top is where Dustin is heading with his latest single, "Momma's House," which currently hovers just outside the Top 20 on the country charts.

"Momma's House" is the third single from Dustin's 2020 album, Tullahoma.

Dustin Lynch On Finding His Niche :