FGL’s Tyler Hubbard Recalls Job He Was Happy To Leave Behind

With Labor Day approaching this weekend, Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard can recall one job he had that he was grateful to put behind him. He was a student attending Belmont University in Nashville at the time. Tyler tells us: [“I polished silverware at Maggiano’s for like seven months probably, in hopes to just be a server there.  And I love Maggiano’s and it was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget, but I am definitely thankful for everything I learned there, and polishin’ silverware and talking about learning patience and all that, but definitely something I’m grateful to have moved on from.”] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . moved on from.)

Of course, Belmont is where Tyler met Brian Kelley, and they formed Florida Georgia Line.

FGL are celebrating their 17th Number One hit song this week with “I Love My Country.” It's included on the duo's 6 Pack EP, which they released this summer.

FGL’s Tyler Hubbard On Worst Job Labor Day :