FGL’s Tyler Hubbard Takes A Tumble

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is still recovering from ankle surgery but took a spill in front of his house while getting used to riding on his knee scooter. Tyler was heading out the front door and onto the sidewalk when his home security camera captured him taking a tumble into the landscaping. He was ultimately able to get up and get back on the scooter, moaning and groaning from the pain, and he immediately heads back into the house.

Tyler shared the video on Instagram writing, "Yup, it’s still 2020 and I just had another piece of humble pie. @hayley_hubbard and I laughed until we cried watching this last night… after the pain wore off. EFF ME.”

Tyler recently suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon and broke one of the bones in his ankle due to a dirt bike accident.

He and his wife, Hayley, are expecting their third child in the next few weeks.