Florida Georgia Line’s Fans Contribute To Video For ‘I Love My Country’

Florida Georgia Line is celebrating unity during this time of social distancing with the new video for their hit single “I Love My Country.” The duo released the crowd-sourced clip on Friday (May 8th), which was compiled of videos from fans who answered the call to their #FGLCountryChallenge. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard also got help from TikTok stars like BabyAriel, ImTheJay, Josh Killacky, and Chelcie Lynn, and the result is a montage of some pretty entertaining reasons why they love their country lifestyle.

“I Love My Country” is a taste of what's to come from the duo's next album. Brian tells us the song is something that's been stuck in their heads for a while and they just wanted to get it out. “We’ve been walking around muttering that for about a year and a half so, we’re all in the same boat. But no, it’s a good thing. All this pent up energy only means one thing – you know, when we all get to tour again it’s gonna be one big ol’ party and all the energy’s gonna be amazing. Right now it’s a waiting game, but in the meantime, we had to get something out. It was super important for us to start to share this next phase, this new music, this new energy, and this song is just kind of perfect timing.”

“I Love My Country” is nearing Top 10 at Country radio and has tallied 14.3 million global streams to date. FGL plan to release a new album sometime this year.

FGL’s Brian Kelley On Song Being Earworm :