Gabby Barrett casts her husband to help her tell a decades-long love story in her “Pick Me Up” video


Gabby Barrett shared the music video this week for her current single, “Pick Me Up,” and it’s a mini-movie that tells a love story dating back to 1962.

Things start off with a high school-aged girl, played by Gabby, who goes for a ride in the shotgun seat of her boyfriend’s truck. Fans will probably recognize the guy behind the wheel: It’s Cade Foehner, Gabby’s real-life husband, whom she met while the two were contestants on American Idol.

The next scene flashes forward to 1978, with the same couple — now married, with a young daughter running around the house. It’s another nod to Gabby’s real-life love story: She and Cade share a daughter named Baylah May, who was born in early 2021.

Though there are bills marked “past due” on the table, the pair still find time for each other, with Cade turning on the radio and leading Gabby in a dance around the living room.

Their love story stays strong into the present day: By the end of the video, Gabby’s an elderly woman in a nursing home, but Cade — also wearing makeup that makes him look older — still shows up with flowers.

“Pick Me Up” is one of four new tracks Gabby released on the deluxe version of her Goldmine album in late 2021.

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