Garth Brooks Draws Huge Crowds To Drive-Ins Around The Country, Teams Up With Chris Pratt

Garth Brooks' live drive-in concert on Saturday (June 27th) was viewed by more than 350,000 fans at drive-in theaters across North America. It was the first time anything like this had ever been done, and the show was recorded in Nashville with Garth's full band.

He said, “This time, I was the fan and the people were the entertainment. Watching people all night from coast to coast, in Canada and here in the U.S., laughing, dancing, and singing, made me smile. It reminded me how much I miss the crazy, happy, and unpredictable life we lead as entertainers. For one night, things seemed . . . right.”

In other Garth news, he and actor Chris Pratt seem to be working on what Chris calls a “top secret” project. He shared the morsel of information while a guest on Rob Lowe's podcast saying, “I met Garth and we are trying to do something together and I think in it, I will sing some country, which is pretty cool.” The two reportedly met at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards where Chris introduced Garth and presented him with the Artist of the Decade award.