Granger Smith Joined By Christian Rapper On Current Single

Granger Smith has released a collaboration of his current single, “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads,” featuring Christian rapper Lathan Warlick. Granger’s wife, Amber, introduced him to Lathan’s Instagram a couple months ago and he was instantly drawn to his rebranding of different songs that offer his own testimonies.

Granger turned to social media yesterday (Monday, June 8th) to share the collaboration writing, "Music can heal. Well, at least I feel that way. Many times in my life a song has pulled me out of a tight spot or made a good spot a lot better. A few months ago, @lathanwarlick and I didn’t even know each other, and TODAY we dropped a song together. Coincidence? Or was there a bigger plan? I know what I believe . . ."

Lathan raps over the track:
“You never know what to expect or what’s coming next when riding them dirt roads,
the gravel and dust might throw you off if I’m ready or not only God knows.
It’s hard trynna hold it together when I lost a couple of people along the ride,
wish I could roll back the hands on a clock just to tell ’em, “I love you” just one more time.”

Granger recently announced a new twice-weekly “Live at the Yee Yee Farm: Shop Set" on YouTube where he and his band come together at the Yee Yee Shop at his farm and host a casual 30-minute set at 6:30 p.m. CT on Mondays and Thursdays.