Ingrid Andress’ siblings used to try to “booby trap” her to keep her from sneaking out of the house


The lyrics of Ingrid Andress’ hit “More Hearts Than Mine” describe the close relationship she has with her family — but just because they’re a tight-knit group now doesn’t mean they always got along.

In fact, Ingrid’s parents were strict, and when she snuck out of the house in defiance of their rules, her siblings tried to make it harder for her.

“I wasn’t allowed to date anybody, wear makeup — really, go to anyone’s house or anything,” the star recounts. “So I used to sneak out a lot.”

And you’d think her siblings would be on her side about disregarding their parents’ strict rules — but you’d be wrong. “My siblings would always try to catch me, so it was, like, a whole thing where they would try to set up a booby trap, essentially,” she continues.

But you don’t get around strict parents’ rules without creativity, and Ingrid found ways to fool both her parents and her siblings. “I wasn’t allowed to have a cellphone, so I had a cellphone on the side, like the hustler that I am,” she jokes.

So the booby traps? No match for a sneaky pro like Ingrid.

“My siblings and I would have a big rivalry about that, because I got away with it most of the time, and they hated that,” she continues. “They were like, ‘Oh, my booby traps didn’t work.’”

These days, Ingrid’s a grown adult who doesn’t have a curfew, so she gets to funnel all that creativity into her music. Her most recent album, Good Person, dropped back in August.

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