Jimmie Allen Opens Up About How The Death Of George Floyd Affected Him

Jimmie Allen paid a visit to NBC's Today show with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager yesterday (Tuesday, June 9th), where he opened up about the death of George Floyd and how it struck him as a black man. He said, "Things hit you harder when someone looks like you. I pictured my (six-year-old) son. I pictured me, so I was upset, you know?"

Jimmie added that growing up in Delaware, his experience with police officers was very positive, especially for those who didn't have fathers in their homes. He said, "They'd take us out to get some food … They'd hang out with us . . . , but even in the midst of that greatness, my mom always reminded me: She said, 'Hey, son, there are a lot of people in this world that are loving, but there might be some time in your life where someone might look at you different or treat you different because of the color of your skin.' And I didn't understand it for a long time . . . "

Jimmie offered some advice to those listening saying, "There's so much out there to really give you a different perspective if you really want it . . . Any time you see something, put the face of someone you love on that person you see treated unjustly, and that will wake you up in a minute."