Jordan Davis Is A Huge ‘Ozark’ Fan

Jordan Davis has a new obsession compliments of Netflix. He tells us he recently binge-watched Ozark and he can't recommend it highly enough. [“I’ve always been a Jason Bateman fan, but, it’s up there with Breaking Bad for me. I think that Ozark is one of my favorite shows out. Not a spoiler alert, but the end of Season 3, ooh, y’all are in for it if y’all haven’t seen it yet. That kind of setting just kind of brings me back to family vacations. Actually, we have a vacation to Lake Lanier in Georgia, where they shot Ozark coming up soon. I look forward to getting over there and channeling my inner Marty Byrd, if you will. (laughs)"] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . if you will.)

Jordan recently released a new single called “Almost Maybes.”

He released a self-titled six-song EP in May.

Jordan Davis On Being Ozark Fan :