Jordan Davis Shares New Song Based On Fan Demand

Jordan Davis has released a new song called "Lose You," which will be included on a future project. He initially teased the new song, which he co-wrote, on social media last month.

Jordan said, “When I sat down with the guys in the writer’s room that day, we were all just talking about our wives and we realized, ‘Hey, we are all married to amazing women so let’s not mess this up.' That was really the genesis for this song . . . that we never want to lose the love we have, and we’d do anything to hold on to it.”

He added, “In a normal year we’d have our live show to try out new music and see what connects with the audience. Since we can’t do that, it has been fun to share on social media and see the response. Fans were loving this one, so we thought why wait to release it?”

Jordan's current single, “Almost Maybes,” is currently Top 30 and climbing on the country charts.