Justin Moore Has More Fun On The Golf Course Now That He’s A Worse Player

Justin Moore admits that his golf game his taken a turn for the worse but he's much more relaxed about it than he used to be. He used to play often, but started feeling guilty for leaving his wife alone with their four kids. Now that he's accepted his diminished skill level, he tells us nothing much ruffles his feathers on the course. [“I used to be right at a 10 handicap, which is pretty good for … well, for me it was really good. And when I was that good I got really mad when I hit my bad shots. I went from a 10 handicap to about an 18 handicap because of more babies and albums and stuff.  And it’s funny, because now that I play worse I don’t get as upset. I’m just like, ‘Ehhh, whatever.’ I think I’ve lowered my expectations now.  So, I don’t play near as well now but it’s almost more fun to me now.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . to me now.)

Justin's golf game may be slipping but his chart game is not. He sits at Number One this week with "Why We Drink," which is his career ninth chart-topping hit.

Justin Moore On Keeping His Cool On The Golf Course :