Justin Moore Shares His Favorite Part Of Being A Dad

Justin Moore is used to spending more time away from his family than with them throughout a good chunk of the year, but since the global pandemic, he's gotten to spend tons of time at home in Arkansas with his three daughters and one son.  Justin tells us that getting that time is the best part of fatherhood. [“You know, my favorite part about being a dad … it’s really hard to pick one thing that is my favorite, but just being at home with ‘em. We have to travel so much that any time I have the chance to be around and be at home with ‘em, whether it’s coachin’ a ballgame, or whether it’s sittin’ on the couch watching a movie, or whatever, just the time that we get to spend together, we really try to take advantage and make the most of because we don’t have as much as some other people have that have quote unquote normal jobs.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . unquote normal jobs.)

Justin sits inside the Top 15 and climbing on the Mediabase chart with
“Why We Drink.”

Justin Moore On Favorite Part Of Being A Dad :