Justin Moore’s Daughters Play ‘Mother Hen’ To Toddler Son

Justin Moore's three daughters love to cater to their younger brother, the baby and only boy in the family. His girls range from five to 10 years old, while his son, South, is two. Justin tells us that South's sisters are like having some extra caretakers at home. [“They’re all really good with him now. They all kinda are mother hennin’ him to death. I think at times, he’s like, ‘Alright, get away from me.’ But no, it’s awesome for us because his bedroom’s upstairs, so if he’s waking up from a nap, instead of Kate and I having to walk upstairs, they’ll almost fight over who gets to go get him. I wish they were as good to each other as they are to him. I mean, they’re downright hateful to each other."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . to each other.)

Justin is celebrating having a Top 15-and-climbing hit with his latest single, “Why We Drink."

He recently launched his own podcast, The Justin Moore Podcast.

Justin Moore On Daughters Doting On Little Brother :