Kane Brown has learned to take his time releasing new music: “I think it’s a huge maturing game”


Kane Brown’s fans have been clamoring for his third album for months now, but the project’s not out just yet — and that’s because the singer’s working hard to make sure it’s a well thought-out, truly representative body of work.

“I’ve definitely taken my time and made sure of the songs I want on there,” Kane tells American Songwriter in the magazine’s latest cover story. “Some I kicked off and put back on again and kicked off again and now they’re back on.”

The singer describes his upcoming project as “very country-rooted.” That’s evident in the new songs he’s put out thus far, including the fiddle-packed chart-topper “One Mississippi” and the slow jam “Leave You Alone.”

Now, Kane’s teasing another new tune, called “Like I Love Country Music,” so country it samples Brooks & Dunn.

But he’s been around long enough to know how it important it is to be intentional with the music he releases.

“At the beginning, I never realized that whatever song I released, [if it’s a hit, then] more than likely I’m going to be singing it through my career,” Kane points out. “So, that’s come into my mind a lot of times on my latest releases.”

He adds, “I think it’s a huge maturing game — definitely.”

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