Kane Brown Hung Out With Post Malone In Nashville

Post Malone made a trip to Nashville just to hang out with Kane Brown. Brown recently told Apple Music that the two headed to a local bar where they spent the evening and Malone was "swarmed" by fans and other musicians. At one point Brown felt like he had to intervene saying, "I go up to him and go dude do you need me… I am like his security now, I’m like do you need me to get these people away? He’s like no man, I love it, I want them to come say hey, without them i’m nothing.”

Brown described Malone as "super friendly" to everyone and after seeing how kind he was to fans, the "Cool Again" singer said he is inspired to “step my game up.” Brown said, “When I meet somebody I will take qualities that I like from them, like there’s times where their qualities will only work for them but when I see something that will work for me, I’ll try and take that and acquire it.”

Brown and Malone surprisingly did not discuss any musical collaborations, but Brown confirmed that Malone loves "old old school country music, I think like ‘70s and ‘80s."