Kane Brown, Jimmie Allen, Darius Rucker Speak Out About Racism In The U.S.

Kane Brown, Jimmie Allen, and Darius Rucker all turned to social media in the last day or so to share their thoughts on the death of George Floyd and the racism issue in the U.S. As black men, or in the case of Kane, biracial, they are urging people to change their hearts and actions.

Kane posted in part: "We will never see peace in this world until we ALL see each other as PEOPLE. We will never understand each other when you have people on 2 different sides. We have to become 1 to be at peace . . . If everyone was seen as people, if everyone was treated the same, if everyone was charged the same sentence, this s–t wouldn't be happening. #BlackLivesMatter We are people too."

Jimmie Allen posted in part: “The continued non value of life toward black men in America concerns me. As a black man and a father raising a black boy I’m worried. The uncertainty of his safety turns my stomach. I challenge everyone to love each other and let our hearts speak louder than the injustice. Love so hard that it suffocates the hate.”

Darius Rucker posted in part: "It is no longer alright for me to perpetuate the myth that things are okay. I have kids whom I love and cherish, and to watch them go through this, to feel their anguish and anger trying to deal with this is heartbreaking for me. The question that keeps coming up is ‘will it ever change?’ And my answer now has to be ‘YES.’"

Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer sparked both peaceful protests and violent behavior around the country over the past several days.